What We Do


We offer advisory services that provide you with digital strategy or an audit of your current company. We  remain at the forefront of new technology and trends to ensure we can advise you on the latest innovations and best practices within your industry. Services can be provided as a one-off or retainer basis. We can also provide on-site training or internal presentations.

Digital Marketing

Due to our considerable experience we can offer a broad range of services, including websites, SEO, online advertising, social media, -commerce and location marketing. We can either provide advise or implement a full campaign.


We can provide tailored programmes, using our own Virtual Learning Environment, to provide your staff with training and education. Using a VLE we can provide you with assurance the course has been completed by staff to a high standard. Our courses also fulfil your company’s CPD requirements.

Digital Marketing


Million has designed and built websites for ITB, Jamiroquai, The Prodigy, Global Gathering, Mama Group and Silverstone Classic. Our sites use contemporary design and the latest programming modules. We specialise in  mid-level sites.


We have worked with a wide range of companies on their SEO strategies. Our experience is that once you have optimised your site, good SEO requires a robust and consistent content strategy – writing and creating content that will be shared and linked to.


As part of our website build service, we can also offer expertise in WordPress installation and production. This route is recommended for SME’s who need a great looking ‘brochure’ site and an e-commerce option. We can use a theme or create an original design.


Many years of experience has taught us to appreciate this quote by Bill Gates; “We overestimate the effect of technology in 1 year, but underestimate the effect it will have in 10″. Our vision is always fixed firmly on the future and we have often found ourselves recommending ideas and technology that were several years away from being adopted by the mainstream. We can look at your business, whether it’s an SME or blue-chip FTSE 100, and create a strategy based upon the latest trends, technologies and your competitors.


We can undertake projects and research to assist you in your digital strategy plans. Whether it’s advice about consumer trends, research on your competitors, a training seminar for your staff or a regular advisory session on new technology, you can remain informed and confident about your digital marketing plans.


We are qualifies Adword specialists and can create and implement an Adwords campaign that meets your objectives. We can integrate your Adword campaign with Analytics and optimised landing pages to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Location Marketing

This emerging and exciting branch of marketing is still not fully understood by many in marketing. It’s ability to connect with people is so profound and powerful that it’s implications for marketing still need to be fully grasped. We can assist you through training, presentations and implementation of your initial campaigns.

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