Digital Trends

by Million’s Neil Cartwright:

On Thursday 20th I was a guest of Digital Music Trends, an online weekly show produced and presented by Andrea Leonelli. Andrea has built and financed his show from it’s beginning, using Skype Pro to interview and record his guests. The show is focused around the weekly news stories surrounding the music industry and done in a very informal, chatty style.

I’m hugely supportive of Andrea and his considerable efforts to prepare and broadcast each week and am happy to hear Consolidated Independent are now a sponsor of the show.

This week, we were asked to discuss (in Andrea’s words), “Yahoo’s Aviate and its new music functionality, the Brit Awards and the use of Twitter Amplify (sponsored by VO5), Spotify’s rumored IPO – pros and cons?, Russian social network vKontakte getting an earful on piracy from the US and the UK, streaming service Dhingana shutting in India, the iTunes Festival announcing a SXSW stint and much more… ”

During the show I was asked about my thoughts on iTunes launching their festival at SXSW and even I was taken aback by my increasing anger towards iTunes dominance of the retail music industry. The fact is iTunes can demand the world’s biggest stars play at their ‘festival’ because they guarantee worldwide homepage placement, and which artist or manager would ever refuse that (actually, I know one manager who’s views on iTunes meant none of his bands were allowed to play. Name rhythms with Wench. At the time I thought he was crazy but now I’m not so sure). Isn’t it about time this one store, who still sell roughly 70% of the world’s downloads, was challenged? I’m relieved to see that consumers are already turning their back on it even though none of it’s competitors have managed to create an alternative.

Anyway, check out the show and please let us know what you think?


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