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Jargon Buster


Music Publishing

Administering the copyrights of musical works on behalf of composers and/or songwriters, promoting and licensing the songs and collecting royalties.



Performing Right Organisation (PRO) – license, collect and distributes performing right royalties on behalf of its composer/author and music publisher members (for example, PRS in the UK.)


Synch Licensing

The “synchronisation” of music to visuals in an advert, film, television programme etc.


Performing Right

Exists in the broadcast and public performance of music and administered via PROs in most territories.

Collection. It’s What We Do.

  • Collection is all we do, and we devote 100% of our assets to collecting these royalties for our clients.
  • Whilst other companies offer royalty collection as an add-on service, Exhibeo has been set up to work with the support and data of media sales agencies and an in depth knowledge and experience of the PRO network.
  • It’s not just future revenues we can make claims for. We are able to make retrospective claims between one and three years on your behalf.

We are the collection specialists.