Hattie Whitehead

‘Home’, is the debut release from Hattie Whitehead, a newly signed artist to Nova Music. “These songs represent the culmination of several years of writing, rehearsing and performing”, says Hattie. “For three years I’ve been recording music and gigging under my own name and this has laid the foundations for the sound we have created”.

The EP features 5 original tracks, written and inspired by what it means to be ‘Home’.  Beginning as a selection of rough recordings created in Hattie’s own home, the tracks have evolved over the last nine months into full studio recordings. Co-produced with Damien O’Doherty, the songs are an introduction to Hattie’s ability as a singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Inspired by folk artists such as James Taylor, Nick Drake, John Martyn and Joni Mitchell, Hattie’s writing style has also been heavily influenced by the eclectic range of musical styles she was surrounded by throughout her childhood. She has developed a style that is melodic, soulful, heartfelt and achingly beautiful. Hattie’s voice is distinguished by the purity of her vocal tones and crystal clear delivery.

To celebrate the release, Hattie is performing at St Pancras Old Church, London, on February 27th. An entourage of 10 musicians will join Hattie on-stage. In addition to her regular 5-piece band it will include a string section, backing vocals, and Hattie’s father (jazz musician Tim Whitehead) on bass clarinet. To hear such expert musicianship in this fabulous venue is guaranteed to make the evening a stunning occasion. The event will include two support acts; We Used To Make Things and special guests.

The 5 tracks on ‘Home’ are titled:

•       Home

•       Confused & Untied

•       Sonny

•       Twenty Three

•       This Ship


The EP will be digitally released and available at major online retailers.


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Hattie’s band comprise:

Hattie Whitehead (vocals and guitar)

Billy Adamson (electric guitar)

Ida Hollis (bass)

Pete Hill (drums)

George Brown-Griffiths (piano)


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