I am the only UK music industry person presenting at @MIDEM 2013 on the 28th and 29th January, with the snappy title of “Location marketing strategies and the impact of NFC on the music industry”. I will cover the emergence of Location Marketing as one of the most powerful forms of marketing ever, encompassing as it does contextual marketing, intelligent objects and NFC.

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The bad news: Unless you’re a French Music Executive you will not be able to see it because it’s for a private training seminar sponsored by the French¬†Government.

The good news: I will be putting the full presentation on Slideshare so you can see the dramatic impact Location Marketing will have on our lives.

MIDEM say, “”Faced with many changes, the music industry must continue to diversify its activities and encourage its employees to acquire transferable skills. Employee training, particularly in the areas of marketing and promotion, is therefore one of the priorities of the music industry (as highlighted in the 2010 Agreement Prospective Studies devoted to the sector). Midem joins this approach by organizing for the first time a program of vocational training in the framework of its 2013 edition. ”

Crolot Bruno, Director of midem”

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