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“Our team has many years of experience with online ordering and know customers need to trust the people they’re dealing with. You can contact us anytime with questions or about your order. All our orders are tracked so you know when it’s been dispatched and the expected delivery date.

We accept all major credit cards with a money-back guarantee for your piece of mind. Please send me any feedback to”

– Neil Cartwright, Head of Customer service

RearViz Testimonials

Great Product

Loved it – cycling through the city everyday, this let’s me see any big bugger behind me!

RearViz Classic Blue 247×300

On time

Arrived the day after I bought it. Thanks guys! I’m going to recommend it to my cycling friends.

John Twitter

European Distribution

I’m French and loved that your site was available in French with Euro pricing. And it arrived the next day! Merci!

Marcia Hofmann Eff

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